Welcome to iXu’s homepage ...

Version Beta 2.4

iXu (Inform Extensions Updater) is a free stand-alone application for updating Inform7 extensions under Microsoft Windows. It is intended as a tool for those who’d like to have on their harddisk a copy of all the extensions available at Inform7.com’s extensions page.

It was created by Tristano Ajmone in September 2010 using AutoIt Script.

iXu is very simple to use. The user is presented with an interface with a single button START. Pressing the button will start the extensions update process.

When the update is finished the button will read VIEW LOG and can be pressed to view the log file containing the details of the extensions downloaded (if any) and the failed downloads (if any).

It’s as simple as that.

Version Beta 2.4 solves an issue that caused iXu to crash with systems other thatn Windows XP SP3. Now it should work with all Windows editions from XP onward.

Please send me a feedback email to let me know if iXu worked correctly or not, telling me on which system you’ve used it.

Download iXu Beta 2.4